About Us

Link Hills Pharmacy is situated in the Watercrest Mall at the Checkers entrance. It boasts an A-grade rating with the Pharmacy Council and has been meeting the healthcare needs of our community since 1974!

The passion and commitment to personal service have been the foundation that keeps this community health pharmacy alive and vibrant.

Pauline Randles has owned the pharmacy for the past 7 years. She has expanded her qualifications and is registered as a Primary Healthcare Therapist and Counsellor with the Pharmacy Council. This accreditation enables her to consult with patients, provide advice, and dispense certain prescription items, such as antibiotics and injections. This service is aimed at offering convenience to non-medical aid patients, including domestic workers, with a nominal consultation fee applicable.

Pauline is supported by pharmacists Heather Shepperson and Sandy Hazel, along with their capable team of assistants in the front shop.

“Prevent disease rather than treat it” – that is Pauline’s ethos and she is qualified to keep you healthy in today’s challenging and stressful commercial world. Our rushed lifestyles and demands need to be balanced to ensure optimal health.

After all “health is wealth” so avoid medical bills and pop in for key tips on how to prevent and combat illness.

Why is there an increase in irritable bowel and anxiety? We have some answers and tested solutions.

Meet the Team



Pharmacist | Owner

Pauline Randles purchased Link Hills Pharmacy from the original owner, Patrick Lewis, in 2010. Prior to taking ownership, Pauline had worked with Patrick intermittently while locuming and pursuing further studies in Primary Health Care, Business Management, and Psychology. “It was great taking ownership of the first pharmacy in the upper highway which Patrick opened in 1975” says Pauline. Her passion lies in preventative healthcare, and with her Primary Care Drug Therapy qualification, she is licensed to consult with patients.  Additionally, she holds a S22A permit, enabling her to dispense certain prescription medications, such as antibiotics for most ailments,  and administer injections. This allows her to provide her customers with affordable extended healthcare. Owning an independent community pharmacy comes with numerous challenges and rewards, which fuels Pauline’s dedication and commitment to personalized service.  She focuses on advising her patients on their chronic diseases and disease prevention, emphasizing the adage that health is wealth! Supported by Heather, sister Cindy and the entire staff, Pauline remarks “We have a good team and we all work well and have fun together – that’s important”  Since 2018, their 24-hour emergency call-out service has been an added benefit to all residents of the upper highway.



Pharmacist | Partner

Heather has been a dedicated member of the Link Hills Pharmacy team for nearly 13 years, and can be found in the dispensary. Beyond dispensing prescriptions, Heather provides invaluable insights on medication, dosage, and potential side effects. Her expertise assists customers in making informed decisions about their healthcare, ensuring they feel confident that their well-being is a top priority at the pharmacy. In her leisure time, Heather enjoys reading and gardening, further highlighting her nurturing and attentive nature both in and out of the pharmacy setting.




Inge has been a part of the Link Hills Pharmacy team for about 7 months and her dedication shines through her work. She exudes a welcoming demeanor, characterized by compassion and kindness, creating an environment where patients feel at ease and genuinely cared for. The only thing that beats her passion for the pharmacy is her family. During her leisure time, Inge finds solace in activities such as reading and scrapbooking, demonstrating her appreciation for creativity and relaxation outside of her professional responsibilities.



Pharmacist Intern

Kayleigh has recently completed her degree and is currently serving as a pharmacist intern at Link Hills Pharmacy. Her friendly, helpful way of dealing with customers leaves a good impression on anyone who meets her. Outside of her professional responsibilities, Kayleigh finds relaxation and enjoyment in arts and crafts. This favorite pastime allows her to unwind and tap into her creative side, revealing her versatility and interests beyond the pharmacy setting.



Pharmacist Assistant

Having harbored a lifelong ambition to work in a pharmacy, Siphamandla is now living his dream as a qualified Basic Pharmacist Assistant at Link Hills Pharmacy, where he is currently in his third year of employment. With a passion for his work, Siphamandla brings enthusiasm and dedication to his role, ensuring that every customer receives the highest level of care and service.Outside of his professional pursuits, Siphamandla enjoys staying active through running. His commitment to fitness and endurance is evident, and you may even catch him participating in the next Comrades Marathon, where he'll undoubtedly be sporting his trademark smile, ready to conquer the challenge with positivity and determination.



Pharmacist Assistant

Viviene, a qualified Post Basic Pharmacist Assistant, has been an asset to Link Hills Pharmacy for a year now. Although it wasn't her initial career choice, she has discovered a profound love for her work over her nearly 30-year tenure in the pharmacy industry. With a deep-rooted passion for serving and assisting others, Viviene has found fulfillment in her role, considering it the perfect fit for her skills and aspirations.Outside of her professional endeavors, Viviene finds joy in various interests and hobbies. Needlework, crafts, and reading occupy her leisure time, reflecting her creativity and appreciation for the arts. Additionally, she treasures moments spent with her children and grandchildren, prioritizing family bonds and creating lasting memories with her loved ones.



Pharmacist Assistant

Blessing has been a member of the Link Hills Pharmacy team for about 8 months, fulfilling his long-standing aspiration to work in the healthcare field. With 20 years of invaluable experience in the industry, Blessing brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a qualified Post Basic Pharmacist Assistant. You'll often find him in the dispensary, adorned with a warm smile and prepared to provide assistance to all who seek it. Blessing finds joy and relaxation in various hobbies which include listening to music, and travelling. Moreover, he cherishes moments spent with his beloved wife and two children, highlighting his dedication to family and personal relationships.




Cindy's lifelong aspiration has always been to assist others. initially considering careers in nursing, veterinary care, or social work. Ultimately, she pursued her dream of becoming a nurse and has found immense fulfillment in her chosen path. Over the past three years at Link Hills Pharmacy, Cindy has had the opportunity to positively impact numerous patients, Her dedication, compassion, and commitment to promoting health instills confidence in patients, assuring them of the quality care they will receive. Outside of her professional endeavors, Cindy finds joy and fulfillment in various hobbies and interests. She enjoys spending time in her garden, exploring the outdoors, immersing herself in reading, and visiting old bookstores and nurseries. These activities not only provide relaxation and rejuvenation but also reflect Cindy's appreciation for nature, literature, and the simple pleasures of life.




With a lifelong passion for nursing and a deep desire to help others, Wendy is commemorating her remarkable 48th year in the nursing profession. Specializing in oncology, Wendy's expertise spans both adult and pediatric care, demonstrating her dedication to making a difference in the lives of cancer patients. Wendy divides her time between her roles, working part-time at the Link Hills Pharmacy clinic and part-time at an oncology clinic. On Tuesdays, she devotes her skills and compassion to caring for children battling cancer, providing them with vital support and comfort. Outside of work, Wendy enjoys baking, cooking, and swimming. These hobbies provide her with relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing her to find balance amidst her demanding career in nursing. Through her diverse interests and dedicated commitment to nursing, Wendy exemplifies a commitment to both personal fulfillment and the wellbeing of others.



Front Shop Manager

Shelly-Lynn has been at Link Hills Pharmacy for 9 years. Combined with her past pharmacy experience, her dedication to fast, efficient service creates a positive impact, making Link Hills a go-to destination for customers. She has a passion for ancient history with a bachelor's degree in it as well as in English. Her other interests include reading, watching history series, and adult colouring.



Front Shop Assistant

Mandy is a long-time member of Link Hills Pharmacy having been working there for the last 32 years. With her many years of experience, she can be found helping out all over the pharmacy. Originally she wanted to work with plants, but after working at the pharmacy, she's never left. Mandy enjoys fishing, hiking, reading, watching sports and the outdoors.



Front Shop Assistant

Irene has been working at Link Hills for almost 3.5 years. Her front shop and over-the-counter experience has equipped her with a good understanding of customer needs and the ability to provide expert assistance. She has a passion for natural medicne and loves being creative in the shop with gift tables and other arrangements and events. Her hobbies are genealogy, scrapbooking, and reading.



Front Shop Assistant

Thobile started working at Link Hills Pharmacy in 2016. She studied accounting, but her desire was to be a nurse so that she could help people. However, when she started working at Link Hills, she was so excited and felt like it was almost the same thing. While she is not a nurse, she is able to help people in a different way as she works the front store and she loves it! Her favourite things to do are cooking, baking, and gyming.



Front Shop Assistant

Many of you have probably met Shelly-Ann as you walk into the pharmacy and are greeted by a smile and a readiness to assist. She has a passion for beauty and skincare with 7 years experience. When she is not working, she loves spending time with her husband and three kids, doing puzzles, reading, and cooking simple food.



Front Shop Assistant

Vanessa has been working at Link Hills Pharmacy for just over a year. She began her journey in the pharmaceutical industry in her previous job and wants to continue growing in it. Working as a cashier and front store assistant allows her to help customers in various ways. She also helps in the stock room. Movies, documentaries, and being out in nature are some of the hobbies she really enjoys. Since joining Link Hills Pharmacy, she has also been doing modules to increase her knowledge. She loves walking her dog, Smokie.



Nutrition Practitioner

Melody has always had a passion for good health and nutrition. She fulfilled her dream by studying Holistic Nutrition after which, she opened her practice - "Be Well With Mel." As a holistic nutrition practitioner, she understands the factors that influence one's health and helps her clients to improve their health by getting to the root cause of their issues and then applying a personalized plan based on their unique needs. Melody is a big road runner - from 4km time trials to the Comrades and anything in between. Another runner to look out for at the next Comrades Marathon! Fashion and designing her own styles are also hobbies she enjoys. She loves spending time with her husband and children on the beach.



General Worker

Rosemary works behind the scenes, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for both customers and staff that upholds the pharmacy's commitment to health and wellness. She loves dancing, cooking, and hygiene.




If you've ordered medication to be delivered, you have quite likely met Glynn at some point. She has been working at Link Hills Pharmacy since 2020 and loves helping and meeting people. What better way to do both than delivering medication! Glynn likes reading, watching series, gardening and spending time in the outdoors.




Angelique's passion is skin care. She has been in the beauty industry for 15 years and loves working with the Esse brand, which she has been working with for the last 5 years. She loves working with people and is very passionate about body and skin wellness. Contact her for skin analysis, lymph drainage, and beauty advice.



Accounts/ Office Manager

Siobhan has been working as Link Hills Pharmacy's accounts manager for the last 8 years. With meticulous attention to detail, she manages transactions, maintains records, and ensures compliance. Her expertise is invaluable, contributing to the efficiency and success of the pharmacy. Her hobbies include reading, travelling, hiking, and family activities.



Stock Receiving

Sthembile began working at Link Hills Pharmacy in 2021. Her dedication to stock and deliveries ensures that essential medications are readily available for you. She is continuing her studies in logistics. Her hobbies include social media, watching movies, and spending time with friends.