Blaster Packs

Link Hills Pharmacy make up their own “blaster packs” for a number of conditions. These are a combination of our best products in 1 pack that really pack a punch:

Babalas Blaster

A combo fizzy drink for the morning after the night before. 

Flu Blaster

A 3 day pack to tackle all aspects of flu

Backache Blaster

3 day pack for back aches and pains

Period Pain Blaster

3 day pack to relive all menstrual pain and discomfort.

Tummy Blaster

Alleviates diarrhoea, cramps and nausea.

Stress Blasters

Link Hills Pharmacy have developed 3 “stress blasters”

These are homeopathic and therefore have no side effects and do not interact with any other medicines.

Emotional Stress

Our “emotional stress blaster” is for when you are going through an emotional upset in your life, whether it is the death of a loved one or a conflict witha colleague, these will help you cope.

Executive Stress

Our “executive stress blaster” is for those with pressurised stress at work or at home, whether you have a deadline at work or just feel you’re not coping with pressures of balancing family and work, these will help you get through.

Exam Stress

No need for stress during your exams. Our stress blaster will help with concentration, memory and anxiety with no side effects

Our “exam stress blaster” is for anyone studying or writing exams, or just battling with school stress in general. This unique combo will help you concentrate, do away with exam nerves and focus your mind on the task ahead.