How to look after your heart

  1. Do your best to follow a healthy lifestyle – moderate exercise that get the pulse rate up is called cardiovascular training. 30 minutes a day is a good start. I Like jogging up stairs or jumping on my bouncer trampoline. A fast walk around the block is great especially now that spring is here and the birds are singing and the trees are sprouting colours soon. Remember the heart is a muscle and if you make it work it will strengthen its ability to pump properly to keep blood circulating around your body and helping your energy levels
  2. Cut down or stop smoking – nicotine can causes hardening and clogging of the arteries which can be a precursing to heart disease and strokes – vaping is not necessarily a healthy alternative to smoking!
  3. Eat more clean and green – this reduces inflammation in the body and improves circulation
  4. If you have high blood pressure be aware of the following 4 vital facts:
    1. Talk to your pharmacist if you have asthma or need pumps to open your chest – salbutamol kicks the heart and can causes heart damage. There are safe ways to manage a tight chest or asthma
    2. Talk to your pharmacist before choosing a cough mixture. Certain ingredients in mixtures can cause palpitations eg orciprenaline
    3. Talk to your pharmacist about stress management – adrenaline from stress stimulates the heart – there are natural safe calmatives that do not zonk you out e.g vitamin B and L theanine or Passiflora
    4. Do not self medicate on pain meds – do you know there is a 45% in stroke risk in taking a simple and cheep anti-inflammatory called diclofenac. As pharmacists it concerns us that so many patients ask for cheep pain relief like Panamor ®or Voltaren® Regular use of these meds is very dangerous and can cause stomach ulcers. There are safer pain relievers that have less heart damaging properties

YOU HAVE ONE PRECIOUS HEART THAT PUMPS ON AVERAGE 3 BILLION TIMES in your life!!  The heart if vital for good quality of life – it give you energy by ensuring your circulation gets oxygen to vital organs, it keeps your brain sharp and is your loyal friend. Be kind to your heart and it will love your for it !

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