Recovering your loss of smell from Covid19

The loss of taste and smell, also known as anosmia, typically doesn’t last long and you can help to recover these symptoms with some easy home remedies and health supplements.

 Why this happens – the virus easily travels up the nose and attaches itself to the olfactory nerve, which is at the top of the nose and responsible for conveying sensory information related to smell to your brain.  

These cells need to be re-stimulated to regain their use. This can be done by smelling strong substances like eucalyotus oil, peppermint, coffee granules, onions, blackened oranges etc. This is known as olfactory training. You can also chew ginger or garlic at intervals throughout the day. A hot drink of lemon and honey  with ginger is also helpful.

A steroid nasal spray ( e.g Zilfone spray) used daily helps with inflammation in the nasal passages and helps the nasopharyngeal lining to recover.

Supplements that studies have shown to be helpful are Alpha-Lipoic-Acid (we stock the Idexis brand – also very effective for peripheral neurpoathy) and Vitamin A.

Recovery time varies and can take days to months, but with persistent olfactory training you should be able to wake and smell the roses in no time.

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