Remedies to keep at home this winter

The change of season has brought about a number of nasty viruses, Covid has reared it’s head again. Influenza A has brought grown men to tears, tummy bugs are back as well. Remember to have your Flu Vaccine as soon as possible to protect yourself and those around you.

We have chosen some products that should be a staple in your home this winter, both to prevent and treat symptoms of illness.

This liquid probiotic contains added herbs to improve immunity. Astragalus is especially useful in keeping colds and flu at bay, while the probiotics ensure that gut immunity is balanced.


Scientifically proven to be antibacterial and immune modulatory. Safe for babies and children, as well as adults.

1. blocked & runny nose
2. painful & inflamed sinuses
3. sore throat & tonsillitis
4. loose or tight cough & associated pain in chest
5. general mild fever, headache & fatigue.

The Echinaforce range by A.Vogel provides an array of remedies for the whole family. Drops, tablets, Junior chew tabs and throat spray.

Echinaforce® is a clinically proven, herbal product that helps prevent and treat colds, flu, and upper respiratory tract infections. It also helps prevent the complications of colds and flu.

Take at the first sign of colds and flu for 7 to 10 days. It can be used intermittantly for prevention as well.

Linctagon C effervescent

Linctagon c effervescent has a great combination of herbs to assist your immune system during colds and flu, as well as to help with sore and scratchy throats. Available in adult or junior. We like to add Linctagon to a corenza c and Acc 200 for total cold and flu relief.

We have a great SPECIAL on where if you buy 2x linctagon, you will receive a free Vit D caps (while stocks last)

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