Your Questions answered about the Covid 19 vaccination

Link Hills Pharmacy is in contact with the department of health and the independant community pharmacy association daily so that we have the latest information for you regarding the Covid !9 vaccine

South Africa has procured sufficient Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for all adult South Africans.

Phase 2 is due to be rolled out shortly, probably mid May once all health care workers have been vaccinated.
Phase 2 will be broken up further so that over 80’s are vaccinated first and then over 60’s with underlying health conditions etc
These will be allocated on prioritisation and not on a first come first served basis.
Phase 3 will commence in October 2021 and will be for the rest of the population.

The vaccine will be administered at accredited vaccination sites, including pharmacies, GP practices, hospitals and other dedicated sites.
We are in the process of registering as a vaccination site.

The cost of the vaccine will be paid in full by either your medical aid or the government if you are not on a medical aid.

Everyone must register on the EVDS (Electronic Vaccination Data System)   regardless  of whether you are on a medical aid or not. This will provide you with a code that you will present at the vaccination site. Your medical aid will contact you to register through them as well. Both need to be done in order for your booking date and time to be allocated.
Please help those that are not proficient with technology to register. We can help you at the pharmacy as well if you can’t manage on your own.

You can have the flu vaccine as well as thet Covid19 vaccine (and it is recommended that you do) as long as they are given at least 2 weeks apart.

Some patients experience flu like symptoms for about 24 hours after the vaccine and there could be pain at the injection site as there could be for all vaccines.

Please feel free to email us with any further questions. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more information as it comes available.

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