The amazing benefits of Organic Castor Oil

  • Anti inflammatory rub for arthritic joints
  • Rub on the soles of your feet for burning or tingling feet
  • Liver detox – warm castor oil pack over the liver, especially in 3rd and 4th week of the menstrual cycle to get rid of eliminate excess hormones from the body, thereby reducing period painsor heavy periods and inflammation
  • Skin moisturiser to prevent and treat wrinkles
  • Applying castor oil to the roots of the hair on a regular basis can improve hair and scalp quality, and even encourage hair growth. The oil’s vitamin E and omega-6 and-9 fatty acids, as well as ricinoleic acid, are to thank for this benefit.
  • The undecylenic acid in castor oil helps block the development of fungal infections
  • Eyelash and eyebrow serum
  • Liver detox also aids sleep, especially if waking between 2 and 3 am every night.

How to make a castor oil pack:

Use only organic castor oil – available from Link Hills Pharmacy

Use a facecloth or muslin and saturate with castor oil

Cover with an old towel or cling wrap

Apply heat in the form of a hot water bottle or microwave wheatie bag (not too hot)

Leave for 10 to 15 minutes

Wipe castor oil off and have some refreshing tea

Do this once or twice a week to detox your liver

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