Natural remedies for common ailments

Many common health ailments can be treated safely and effectively with natural remedies from your medicine chest. Here are a few suggestions of what to keep.

Traumeel – is a  great homeopathic remedy for bruises, sprains and soft tissue injury. Available in tablets or ointment.

Linctagon effervescent – contains Vitamin C, pelargonium, zinc and quercetin – (almost) everything you need for Covid prevention and treatment.

Rescue Remedy is another must-have in, it works across the board for babies and adults and our four legged friends. The product treats stress, anxiety , panic attacks and sleeplessness.

L-theanine – an amino acid that works particularly well for stress and anxiety, whether writing an exam or just needing to cope with day to day stress.

Echinacea tincture or tablets are another staple for the home remedy kit, whether it is used prophylactically during times of immune impairment, or used symptomatically when the lurgies visit, it’s an excellent remedy to have on hand. Sore throats respond very well to an Echinacea tincture and salt water gargle.

Salt water nasal douches are great for treating and preventing sinusitis and allergies if you are prone.. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in a litre of boiled and cooled water and add a pinch of bicarb.

Bicarbobnate of soda is also great for bloating and heartburn. Add 20ml lemon juice and a teaspoon of bicarb to a glass of water. Be warned – this will result in spectacular burps.

Psyllium seed works well as a constipation-relief remedy, as does a simple natural seed mix. Equal parts flax (linseed), sunflower and sesame seeds (all untoasted), ground together into a fine powder, and taken at the rate of 1 to 2 teaspoons per day (followed by a large glass of water) can make constipation a distant memory! 

Peppermint tea is another digestive remedy for nausea, cramps and bloating , as is cardamom and ginger tea. Both are simple to make – either add hot water to fresh or dried peppermint leaves, or add hot water to crushed cardamom pods and a few slices of fresh ginger. 

Ginger, lemon juice and honey make a great “ hot toddy” to relieve scratchy throats and coughs. Ginger is a great immune booster. Adults can add a tot of brandy for a night cap

Essential oils have a myriad of uses. For burns, use lavender oil. Burns can also be treated with a lightly beaten egg white, while Aloe gel is also soothing for burns or treating acne. Peppermint oil helps concentration if used in a burner in the room where you are studying. Eucalyptus oil works really well as a steam inhalation. Put a few drops in a basin of boiling water. Inhale deeply with a towel over your head to clear blocked sinuses. (By the way eucalyptus oil works well for removing sticky labels from glass, or tackiness from plasters)

Probiotics – research shows that 80 percent of immunity comes from the gut. Any imbalance in our gut flora can result in a compromised immune system or dysfunctional digestion resulting in constipation or other digestive problems. Serotonin is also manufactured in the gut – this hormone balances our mood and can be affected if the gut flora is out of balance. Take a good quality, freeze dried probiotic like Metagenics Ultra flora.

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